Sunday, September 24, 2023


A friend posted about love being more important than religion, and what with not being fully awake, I misread the post entirely. It's a good thing Christians cannot read my thoughts. Or see them. Pitchforks. Suffice to say that the Folsom Street Fair is a visual feast for the entire family, and if you see your family priest there, check to see if he's dressed appropriately.
Or rather, what he's dressed appropriately for.

There's a medical office on my way to work which several times I thought offered 'Virgin Care'. This is San Francisco, and anything is possible. It's actually 'Urgent Care'.
My eyes tricked me.

[Virgin care is still a mighty interesting idea. Are they fragile? Do they require more or less watering and compost?]

As people get older, caffeine becomes more important. Don't rush out of the house in the morning before you're brain is up to speed. You can't possibly read any of the street signs accurately, and your physical coordination will be a bit wanky as well.
Questions and answers may be a bit off.

See virgins above.
Go ahead, have some more caffeine. It's good for the soul at this early hour. Especially at this early hour. Wakes up the brain. And absolutely full of antioxidants!

It will help you deal with the ugly dumb stuff out there.

On the street. With their poodles.

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