Thursday, August 03, 2023


Today I don't have to go to court quite so early. The lawyers and the judge need to jaw a bit before we go in to decide the fate of the person who might have done something, or perhaps not, avertently or in, whose gender is testicular or ovariate, of an age anwhere between first day of adolescence or last day of life. I know what the turkey vulture would say: "convict, hang, and harvest!" Of course he wants only the fatty inner thighs.

This morning when I came back from my smoke he demanded to know why I didn't whack some ancient geezer outside and carve him up. Didn't I know that the handsome "big" bird majestically seated on my bed was hungry? Well? Where was the dripping food?

It never helps when I explain that A) the supply of gammel fatty-thighed old knackers is kind of limited within a four or five block radius of the apartment building's front door, and B) there is no way in hell I'm killing a chap AND dragging the bloody choice bits back.
Questions might be asked.

Slaughtering elderly people is frowned upon in San Francisco. We're still civilized here, this isn't some Republican-run burg trying to save money on upkeep. .
Had a bigger-bowled briar than usual with me today after coffee. There were multiples of the things I neurotically count when I step outside, that being bums, dogs, tykes and toddlers, and mask-iots on public transit.

The busses going going to work were filled with people not wearing masks.
Standing room only, cheek to jowl.
Rolling Petri dishes.

The toddlers heading toward the local Kai Ming Preschool ALL wore masks. Because their parents aren't careless about their lives. A child is expensive, and you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Also, you've become rather fond of it.
They grow on you after a while.

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