Wednesday, August 02, 2023


A recent report indicates that deaths among Republicans from Covid were over forty percent greater than among non-Republicans. Which also means that hospitalizations and longterm Covid rates were higher. Given that most Republican voters can financially barely keep their heads above the mud, and more Republicans live in states with shitty insurance, that tells you that the Republican strain on healthcare facilities and the Republican take from the public coffers was also considerably larger.

Meanwhile, Covid is trending up again.

What this means is that we really need to make ten or twenty dollar burials a thing. Currently the average cost of sticking a body under is well over ten thousand dollars. That's way too much for something that will decompose, and within 2 hours after death becomes worthless. Long term storage post-funeral is NOT an issue, no one will ever use that body again.

Just think of what you could do with that extra ten thousand dollars.
This blogger feels, strongly, that limiting the cost of funerals -- at least providing the option of shoving your rightwing idiot uncle straight into a compost heap -- will improve the standard of living of everybody in this country, as well as free up funds which can be used for worthwile causes instead. We can put an end to illiteracy (a pressing problem in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas), provide free lunches for all schoolchildren, cut down on juvenile alcoholism (see aforementioned states), AND reduce teen pregnancy (probably those same states, plus Colorado).

Admittedly that would shrink the audience for certain television shows and stations.
That, I believe, is a price we should be willing to pay.

Free shovels for everyone.

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