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Tuesday, October 03, 2017


"What's for dinner?" The question caught me by surprise, but when he indicated that my plastic bag had suggested food to-go, I understood. There wasn't a drop of English text on it. Instead, in Chinese, the name of the company and several of their products. What I had purchased was Eleutherococcus, Yunnan Baiyao, and Ping Wei Pin.

[Notes: Eleutherococcus senticosus pills (五加参片 'ng gaa sam pin') are a general system tonic, promoting vigour and strengthening the body's response to stress or infection; Yunnan Baiyao capsules (雲南白藥膠囊 'wun naam baak yeuk gaau-nong') stop internal bleeding, promote healing from wounds and physical trauma, are tonifying to the circulatory system and bone marrow, and, because one of the primary ingredients in the manufacture of Yunnan Baiyao is panax notoginseng (田七 aka 三七 'tin chat' or 'saam chat'), these are also a valuable general system tonic; Ping Wei Pin (平胃片) are "settle stomach pills", good for digestive disorders, such as the adult male might get if out drinking and consuming shitty food late at night, or after three days at work in Marin County eating crap from the convenience store for lunch.]


Before heading out to Chinatown much earlier today, I strengthened my resolve with a nice hot cup of Mandarin Duck. After visiting my bank, I had a chilled glass of Mandarin Duck with my tasty lunch. Once I got home, another warm mug. Meaning that I had tea and coffee mixed, with a little evaporada for white and sweet, such a drink being called 'Mandarin Duck' in Cantonese (鴛鴦 'yuen yeung') because it represents an equal balance and a matching pair.

That's nearly six doses of caffeine between noon and now. I am wired to the fiery eye-balls. And there is no need for dinner till later, because I ate well, having had a plate of roast goose over rice on Grant Avenue.
My eyes glow and my head vibrates. I scared or startled an ancient person in Portsmouth Square quite inadvertently while cleaning my pipe. I did not mean to. He quivered, moaned, got up hurriedly, and left the park.
I only have that effect on neurotic elderly Cantonese.
Little Chinese tykes find me a curiosity.
And will gaze quizzically.

Did I mention 'wired'? Babies, I am positively flying!

The goose and the ducks were beautiful.

I will take a nap now.

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