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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


It poured last night. If you are a baseball fiend, you noticed that.
Having had less than four hours sleep the since Sunday morning, there was good reason for me to retire early.
I did not watch the game.
Nor the debate.

The Giants won the pennant.
The debate was won by whichever candidate you support.
I have no doubt that it was quite as exciting as you expected.

Please do not tell me how it went.
Whichever "it" it was that you watched.
I am absolutely not interested in "the game".
Or in two dudes strutting for the peanut gallery.

I like rain.

The storm that drenched the area was the best part of the evening.

This morning, while taking a smoke break, I checked on the ant colony which I mentioned in a previous post. The entrance to their divan is now six inches higher up the slope than it had been - the lower levels must have flooded, and they probably scrambled to save the queen and the nursery, nevertheless they survived. The old entrance looks rather forlorn, and I suspect that a pencil pushed in would not incommode anybody. That portal, sadly, has been abandoned.
It had not rained all summer. Quite a rude shock for a generation of hymenoptera which had not known rising waters. All their organizational abilities probably came into play
The previous generations left few records.
But they are still there.

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