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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


While heading home the other evening I overheard a scrap of conversation that set me smiling. The person making the statement was speaking to two male friends.

"You two make such a cute couple, what do you need a woman for anyway?"

Indeed they did make a cute couple. They accepted the compliment with good graces.
I happen to be acquainted with both of them. They're heterosexual.
But it's a valid question. What do they need a woman for anyway?

Neither one of them would especially benefit from having a woman take over their life and forcefully impose order on what may seem like chaos. They're both fairly happy, and like most men perfectly so when women aren't around.
They eat together regularly, and I've heard them animatedly discussing movies, sports, and politics.
My experience is that you can only mention the first of those subjects with most women.
Yes, there are exceptions. Perhaps even many.
But not enough to make a difference.

"What do you need a woman for anyway?"

I rarely talk about movies. Firstly because I don't go to movies much anymore - there usually isn't anything worth seeing, and the ambient noise in a theatre makes it impossible to hear everything - and secondly because my taste in movies does not accord with the crap that Hollywood churns out.
I miss the Hong Kong cinema of the eighties. The idiosyncratic subtitling, the riotous cross-referencing of other movies, the fast-paced plot lines. And especially the directors, actors, and actresses, who were all too busy slapping together films to take themselves seriously.

I do not discuss sports.

And there are very few women with whom I can talk politics.
Probably pretty much the same number as men.
Maybe more, still only a handfull.

What do you need a woman for?

Well the fact is that some of them are very special people. And if you don't interact with the opposite gender, it makes you a brittle and narrow-minded egocentric, with profound social limitations and very little intellectual flexibility. Someone capable ONLY of discussing matters that absorb them.
Rather like girls yacking about handbags, for instance.
Or men gibbering on and on about sports.
That's why you need women.
To stay human.

Oh, and they're soft, and rather sweet.
They're nice to be around.
Good company.

And really great to cuddle. Far better in that regard than another man.

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  • At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Hamburger said…

    Oh, and they're soft, and rather sweet.
    They're nice to be around.
    Good company.

    And really great to cuddle.

    Nail on the head.
    No sharp corners.


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