Monday, September 25, 2023


Research six years ago established that more Mississippi natives are drunk, horny, and yearn for Kim Kardasian, just before midnight. Presumably they've solved all those problems after that time window, possibly by trips to the internet or the men's bathroom at the bar where they're drinking. Or both, if they've figured out how to use their cellphones.

This is based on rereading one of my blogposts from from a while back where the search statistics for a popular website were mentioned.

Makes me glad I do not live in Mississippi. I would be scared to pee.

Which is very important in that state, for "reasons."
Diabetes. Sugar on everything.

Or cheese. They love cheese.

In news of the weird, China has more people with diabetes than any other country, which is not at all surprising given the huge variety of interesting sweet snacks nicely packaged in my favourite C'town grocery stores. As well as the delicious offerings at bakeries there, best washed down with Hong Kong milk tea (which is hot and sweet, just like your favourite starlets or Korean boy bands).

Also not suprising: Hong Kongers LOVE baked dishes of the pork chop on starch covered with melted cheese variety. The glue holding it all together is probably a sweetened version of tomato sauce, of which very many Americans are fond in canned vaguely Italian foods and pre-packaged supermarket pizza.

It's a miracle that San Francisco Chinatown isn't filled with rotund people. Other than the tourists, that is. From elsewhere in the country (you can tell who they are because they waddle, and are rather white).

I'm quite baffled that my favourite chachantengs aren't packed with folks from Mississippi and its neighboring states gorping on HK foods. It should be right up their alley, one would think. Maybe it's because Ding Dongs aren't available there. Which are the most popular junkfood where they're from. There is a fortune to be made, if only these eateries would supply those (possibly covered with melted cheese and a sprinkle of sugar for a nice browning effect) and put up a sign that said "we have ice tea!"

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Anonymous said...

Mississippians are unlikely to be found in chachanteng’s because it’s literally foreign to them. If any of them had an ounce of critical thinking skills, they’d realize, as you pointed out, that such eateries are a treasure trove of cheese laden dishes, snacks galore, and sugar-based drinks. FYI, I finally tried VIP and oh…man…their HK hot milk tea is the best I’ve had yet. Better than G&Y, New Honolulu, and my chachanteng in Oakland (Shooting Star). When my appetite is intense I will have to try the grouper but lately, my appetite has been rather diminished since I had a rather nasty cold (covid?!?) a month ago.

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