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During operation Cast Lead, the Dutch state-sponsored news organization featured reportage from Sander van Hoorn in Israel.
It turns out that Sander van der Hoorn had a jaundiced view - one that largely accorded with the anti-Israel bias of his organization.

[The Dutch state sponsored news organization is the NOS - Nederlandse Omroep Stichting (Dutch broadcast foundation).]

This blogger has already fulminated about the BBC, the Guardian, Volkskrant, Telegraaf and the Algemeen Dagblad as examples of press engaging in propaganda, and you have possibly already visited 'bad news from the Netherlands '( for an interesting perspective on informing the public. Generally speaking, news slants towards a point-of-view that supports the praeconceptions of the news-organization. Many European news orgs are sodden with Israel haters. The British are particularly notorious in that regard, but the Dutch are certainly no slouches, and probably surpass them.

[I will confess that I am not the person to judge whether the Dutch are in fact worse than the British - I am by no means unbiased, and sometimes the Dutch fairly nauseate me. Having read their pestilential news rags for four decades, I cannot be equitable and balanced about Dutch journalism or its readers. There are times that I wish the sea would erase that smarmy little earthblob off the map. It takes effort to remember that there are decent Dutchmen. Many decent Dutchmen, but nevertheless monumental effort. I rather like the British, though.]

Sander van Hoorn and his editors decided that the Dutch viewers did not need impartial and independent news, but required slant, bias, propaganda, and fuel for hatred of Israel. To that end, they engaged in a pattern of omission, distortion and manipulation.

An English language précis of a report detailing what they did can be found here:

You may read the Dutch language original here:

The combination of Dutch newspapers and Dutch broadcasting, deliberately massaging the news about Israel, may explain why Dutch anti-Semitism thrives as never before. Those who rely on Dutch newssources are mal-educated and mis-informed. And frequently vicious.

The Algemeen Dagblad and the Telegraaf have ever been neck-and-neck for the title of 'Worst Newspaper of the First World'. But the NOS may well have no competition for the Most Biased Broadcaster prize.
Dutch journalism has seldom been so diseased, and the public so ill-served.


J. "יהוא בן יהושפט בן נמשי" Izrael said...

Jenin massacre, anyone?


1. "A nearly normal life... This Jewish Town is remarkable"

2. "Clearly intolerable... major crisis in humaniotarian terms"

Quote #1 from Theresienstadt, '44

Quote #2 from Gaza, '09

both by Red Cross officials. Cool.

Anonymous said...

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The back of the hill said...

The NOS has been described as dominated by PvdA (Dutch labour party) and Groen-links ('Green-Left' - the people who over here would probably have been members of the Workers World Party), in the same way as the Algemene Nederlandsche Persbureau has been described as the outreach department of Pravda (and absolutely sodden with Castro and Chavez sympathizers).

The back of the hill said...

The Dutch media, in particular the NRC and the Algemeen Dagblad, of course tend towards the socially accepted left of centre povs - and in the Netherlands that means very far out in left field.

[The NRC even takes pains to contrast anything positive about Israel with at least one negative thing.]

Hence the common misperception among 'sociaal bewogen' Netherlanders that Israel is not a democracy, was created out of nothing as a parking spot on someone else's territory for Jewish refugees after WWII, and that it is populated only by 100% Jewish religious fanatics of European origin who should learn to act like proper Europeans and should also return to Europe or America.

CNN for Europeans are also not neutral. They pander to their market.

The back of the hill said...

In short: a "neutral" or "positive" mention of Israel in the Netherlands or Europe often means something completely unacceptable elsewhere. If Dutch news and CNN spin it as either good news or neutral news, it really may be a disaster in the making.

The back of the hill said...

Further to my statement that the Dutch news-sources are not 'neutral' regarding Israel, let me provide four sources which are more rational and balanced in Dutch than either the ANP (algemene Nederlandsche Persbureau - the Dutch news agency) or NOS (Nationale Omroep Stichting (the main television and radio broadcasting organization in the Netherlands).

This one frequently mentions, in some depth even, the news that the Dutch press strenuously avoid. It is generally speaking pro-Israel (which really means that it is both neutral and rational).

This is Manfred Gerstenfeld's splendid highlighting of the way in which news can be slanted by focusing primarily on the negative. Which, davka, is what the Dutch press loves to do to both Israel and the US.




GRANT!PATEL! said...

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GRANT!PATEL! said...

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---Grant Patel

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