Friday, January 20, 2006


Rotterdam, a city neither known for beauty or civilization, has recently decided that foreigners need to speak Dutch, dammit.

Let me clarify. According to the 'Rotterdamse Burgerschapscode' (Rotterdam Citizenscode), all people need to use the Dutch language exclusively in public. This per article in the Algemeen Dagblad:

Quote: "Zo dient iedereen volgens de nieuwe gedragscode in de openbare ruimte Nederlands te spreken. 'Op school, op het werk, op straat en in het buurthuis.' " (hence, everyone should, according to the new behavioural rules, speak Dutch in public. At school, at work, on the street, and in the neighborhood centre).

According to some bozo (meaning 'bureaucrat'), "Veel autochtone Rotterdammers voelen zich ’unheimisch’ als op straat buitenlands wordt gesproken." (many native Rotterdammers feel ill at ease when foreignese is spoken in public).

Major international port-city decides to act like a bunch of blinkered provincials.
I can dig that.
I'll boycott Rotterdam and I really hope the entire world does the same.
Buncha stoopid primitives!

When I'm in the Netherlands, I speak Dutch, Yiddish, and a dialect identified on language maps as "Noord Limburgisch" (North Limburgian). Plus, when needed, Indonesian and Cantonese.

In high school while over there (Hertog Jan College in Valkenswaard, plus another school in Eindhoven), I was taught German and French. Oh, and English, but I already spoke that - both at home and on the street.

The Netherlands has twenty five or so dialect groups, plus in the northeast of the country the Frisians are holding on to their own tongue. Many of the Dutch and Frisian dialects are unintelligible to any but native speakers of same. Plus of course there's also Flemish.

Portuguese and Ashkenazic Jews have spoken their respective tongues, and the language of the dominant group, in the cities of the Netherlands since the sixteenth century.
A quarter of a million people "repatriated" from Indonesia since world war II, and brought Indonesian and a host of other languages with them.
Germans, Frenchmen, and English speakers have been doing business in the Netherlands for centuries - without needing to learn the language.

And the Dutch pride themselves on their 'tolerance' and 'linguistic ability', among other things.

Monolingualist chauvinism is NOT a Dutch tradition.

It is, however, a sign of the times. The Dutch are losing their civilized edge, and becoming spiteful narrow-minded hicks - or is it that they are finally letting all their repressed intolerance come bubbling to the surface?
Pim Fortuin exemplified that tendency, and his death seems to have justified it for many people. They never did like those nasty foreigners, and now thank heavens it's okay to say so.
Any Rotterdammer who interrupts my speaking English to Savage Kitten, when we are transiting through his poxy garbage pit of a city, and dares to insist that I speak like a native, will get an earful in the most fluent Dutch and North Limburgian.......
.....With eloquent Bargoens expressions that will blister the skin on his face........
.....Followed by a sudden, vicious, and probably crippling kick to his xenophobic private parts.
May both he and they rot, and the parts of him that the fleas and lice overlook be gnawed by rats.

----- ----------- -----

I should also point out, at this juncture, that a port-city whose innumerable whorehouses are deeply involved in sexual-slavery and victimize women from all over the world (particularly Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia), should be less arrogant. Were it not for all of those people speaking "foreignese", you uptight cheese-vending gits might never get your rocks off. I've seen your women; they tend towards pig-like after their teenage years, and your newspapers have regularly published articles stating that the Dutch are getting fatter and lazier.

[And many of you still only bathe once a week; you might learn something about cleanliness from those of us who speak 'foreignese' -- most of us bathe on a daily basis, and cannot understand how y'all can stand your own rich aromas. Just a suggestion, though. Feel free to smell funky (the expression 'muf-ruikende hobbezakken' comes to mind).]

Oh, one last thing - this linguistic chauvinism is aimed at brown folks: Moroccans, Surinamers, and others who spoil the lily-white complexion of the city.
I'm fairly certain y'all would bend over backwards for a Frenchman or German.
But you despise North-Africans, Turks, and the melanin-enriched.

----- ----------- -----

Tussen haakjes, beste Nederlands-lezers, dit schrijven gaat alleen over Rotterdam en hare zotte 'burgerschaps code'. Ik vertrouw dat andere steden in Nederland en Vlaandren niet ook blijk zullen geven van deze taal-idiocie.

Amsterdam, bijvoorbeeld, is een stad waar zo iets de toeristen industrie ontzettend zou schaden. Niet dat de doorsnee Amsterdammer ooit zo bezopen zou kunnen wezen.

Antwerpen is bijna ondenkbaar zonder Asjkenazim die de schone Vlaamsche taal met hun eigen locutionele meesterwerken verrijken.

En gossie - op straat in Eindhoven kan men zowiezo konstateren dat de doorsnee autochtoon het Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands volstrekt onmachtig blijkt te zijn.


Anonymous said...

How nice. Even the Americans are sitting up now.

That'll larn them furreigners!

Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...


You find the craziest stuff to post about.

It is, however, a sign of the times. The Dutch are losing their civilized edge, and becoming spiteful narrow-minded hicks - or is it that they are finally letting all their repressed intolerance come bubbling to the surface?

Sounds like stuff people could say about a number of other groups, too...

Anonymous said...

Dutch minister of integration wants, among other things, to forbid people to speak "foreign languages" on the street, because "that makes people feel uneasy" (!!!!!)
I wonder does this apply to English as well or is it only meant for Turkish, Arabic, Eastern European and Caribbean "untermenschen"?
Netherlands is getting closer and closer to becoming the Third Reich.

Trouwens, ik ben zelf vloeiend in het Nederlands, maar ik ga het nooit thuis spreken, want ik heb mijn eigen taal en mijn eigen kultuur!

Anonymous said...

Dat zou ik nooit van mijn eigen mensen hebben gedacht. Is dus dat die Pim dan toch effekt heeft gehad. Zo was het in de zestiger jaren echt niet.

Anonymous said...

Ach man val toch kapot! Waar bemoei jij je eigenlijk mee? Je woont toch duidelijk niet in nederland en heb dus niet met nederlandse zaken te maken?

Anonymous said...

^ Gek...
Het is onze planeet (dieren, bacterien, schimmels en planten en andere levensvormen inclusief :P)

Yeah that one rule is silly and it's prolly only embraced by the xenophobic, racist people that are present everywhere in a small percentage (But still too big) of the total population on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Inventors of yellow paintbaths are immortal, but never vomit in a brook that might generate snakes.

Rebbe Sjimon Oderfeldt: on a visit to Fuerstenstein castle.

The back of the hill said...

I have no clue what that means.

But it is probably the most interesting comment I've seen. There is a richly mediaeval reek to it.

Please comment more.

Anonymous said...

Nou joh, da's echt kolen naar nieuw-kasteel dragen.

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