Tuesday, January 17, 2023


My landlords, AND the building owners next door, are constructing an impenetrable bunker and tunnel system to protect us when Texas or Mars invades. At least that's what it sounds like. Texas is more likely. I understand that "Texas needs women". There are none there. Bumps, thumps, knocking, and the sounds of hammers and machinery from both directly upstairs and the garden area next door. A cynic would assume that these are all connected, and possibly linked to the demolition of a religious building barely a block over -- this blogger heartily approves of that, by the way -- but if anything I am an optimistic trusting sort, and will therefore assume that this will benefit all of us. And I am overjoyed to be in the centre of it.

[The Demolition of religious buildings: Look, if we get rid of all such, most of which are Gothic in style, then there will be no more Goth chicks, right? Black eyeshadow and lipstick will no longer exist. It's a win-win. Everyone benefits.]

And precisely like the Maginot Line, on which many such defensive lines were modelled, it will be splendid for picnics and outings on sunny days. Which, remarkably, today is.
So I hope that they get it done soon.

We all need a break, don't we?

I'm thinking a basket of Vietnamese sandwiches (bánh mì), some zesty potato salad, and a bottle of Chardonnay. With some fresh fruit for after. Mangoes. Bananas. Lychees.
城門棱堡 or 城門碉堡 The Shing Mun Redoubt, or Gate Bunker ('seng mun ling pou', 'seng mun tiu pou';
aka "Strand Palace Hotel"), with entrances to "Regent Street" and "Shaftesbury Avenue". Not an upscale
shopping district, but a part of Gin Drinker's Line (醉酒灣防綫 'jeui jau waan fong sin') at Shing Mun
(城門 'seng mun'), during the Second World War (第二次世界大戰 'daai yi chi sai gaai daai jin').

It's fifty five degrees Fahrenheit outside. Positively tropical. Par. Tay.

Dammit, I just heard something crash. Maybe they dropped the cement mixer. It's a bit too loud for comfort. Asperger folks like myself startle easily and don't like loud noises.
I should bail out for an hour or two and run some errands.

If Texas invades, it will get really loud around here.
They're all sound and fury, no substance.
No wonder they need women.

They've got a very good bass section, mind, but no top tenors that's for sure.

Time to head out for lunch.

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