Thursday, January 05, 2023


Yesterday I read about a public park that has more anonymous gay sex going on than any other trysting spot in the city. So this morning I'm imagining hundreds of naked men needing to be rescued from the storm. Possibly thousands. Because nothing says fun risky sex better than experiencing nature's violence to the fullest. Also, a soaking with cold water shrinks and shrivels willies. As they will have found out.

There are many reasons to avoid parks in San Francisco. Dog pooh, crazy people, refugees from Kansas, drug users, and religious revivals. Frantic gay sex in a rainstorm is not one of them. Though unless you're greased all over to protect you against the elements, AND have a large tarpaulin, I would suggest leaving the park when the storm hits.

There is NO illustration suitable for this spot.

So here's a picture of a potato.
I can think of nothing more likely to stifle anonymous public place gay sex than throwing cold water on it. Or, possibly, a potato. It rained a lot last night, so even though that article about the most popular assignation spot undoubtedly drew hundreds of tourists and folks from the East Bay, the party was cut short. I think. I don't actually know, because I'm not versed in random anonymous male-on-male encounters.

I'm rather hetero myself, and prefer to know the person first.
And indoors is always good choice, I've found.
It's a hang-up, I know.

Potatoes always make me think of our chef's fabulous masaladar alu years ago. Ghee, onion, dark toasted cumin seeds, black mustard seeds, red chili flakes, biji dhania, crushed peppercorns, some fennel seeds, and garlic. Delicious with some naans and a splodge of achar. A very comforting meal on a cold wet night when the only ones likely to eat at the restaurant were two carloads of Desis calling from Sunnyvale just before closing.
Sadly, he passed away several years ago. He is much missed.

I am also quite fond of a good eggplant achar.
Should probably go to the shop for a bottle.
I wonder if they still sell it there.

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