Monday, January 02, 2023


Per the weather service just moments ago, the rain is supposed to stop soon. One wonders where they're based, as it hasn't even started. There has been no rain most of this morning. Maybe it's a philosophical statement. Also, the levees are breaking, and we should move to higher ground, because there's an imminent danger of flooding.

The nearest levee is fifty miles away. My apartment building is on Nob Hill. The closest we will come to flooding here is if the storm drains down on Polk Street get clogged by random Christmas tree detritus and the intersection far downhill has five or six inches of water.
Realistically I need to worry more about the space aliens landing right now.

A friend who moved to Texas several years ago pays attention to Bay Area news, and on Facebook warns us all to be safe today, and hopes nothing untoward happens.
Considerate, but he's forgotten what his old neighborhood is like.
Or where it is vis-a-vis water levels.

So I've sent him a photo of the street outside his old front door.

It's a storm surge of Biblical proportions. The end times are upon us. We cannot cross the street to get to the Thai restaurant and the liquor store is entirely cut off from civilization, there is no hope of Pad Thai to go, nor emergency Bourbon!
Whatever shall we do whatever shall we do?

I'll by heading out with an umbrella later, as one needs to get out of the house for sanity's sake, and a pipe smoke, no matter the weather. Also, one requires a nice hot cup of milk tea and a pastry at a bakery in C'town. These are important mental stabilizers.
There probably is no Hong Kong milk tea anywhere in Texas.
No wonder he is unreasonably worried.

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