Tuesday, January 03, 2023


While cutting my hair Ah Ming joked that I should visit HK again to "pursue the opposite gender" (溝女 'kau neui'). I countered by quoting Chou Yunfat in an Autumn's Tale (1987) saying "女人真係茶煲" ('neui yan jan hai chaa bou'; women are 'trouble').

In fact, one should not visit HK to kau neui unless one is a fancy handbag salesman.
Which I am not.

Someone like Cherie Chung (鍾楚紅 'jung cho hung') however would be an exception to that rule. In that movie, and many others, she seemed like a sweet person.

溝女 ('kau neui'): To score chicks, to pursue the human female, to entrance, enchant, and woo members of the opposite gender. It's a Cantonese slang term, often applied to rather skeevy types. Not something I've been known for.
Nor have I ever been a fancy handbag salesman.

Don't know beans 'bout bags.

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