Sunday, January 29, 2023


Sadly, there are no 24-hour chocolate dispensaries at set distances all over the civilized world and Marin. One must make do with the offerings available at drug and convenience stores during their regular hours of business. This shows a lack of planning. What do late night drunks and potheads near a marijuana emporium crave? Chocolate! What would be a great follow-up to the bacon cheeseburger or plate of Thai stir-fry? Chocolate! What would satisfy the inner man disappointed with the world and its berserk fascination with American football during the darkness before dawn? Chocolate!

Dinner last night was good. But jalapeño chips dipped in Sriracha is not a wise late night snack. Though delicious. And even though chili sauce is a vegetable, and part of every sensible diet, chocolate would have been better.

Good lord, why am I living like a grad school bachelor? At my age I need a sensible woman to advise me against regrettable gustatory courses of action. "Do not do that so late at night", she will say, "but leave that for breakfast!"

"Here, have some chocolate!"

It's far less likely to cause funky dreams.

The primary reason I mentioned football is because that is on everyone's minds lately. The Forty Niners are playing the Eagles today, which means that I've finally been able to tell everyone "not the Eagles, man, I hate the f**king Eagles!" Repeatedly.

Which is the extent of my interest in today's game.

Absolutely and precisely.

A sensible woman would reward that with chocolate.

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Alcyon said...

I'm far from hip to what's going on, in any field, but I believe your situation was anticipated and accommodated for long, long ago: chocolate with chili. I'm sure you've encountered it; thoughts?

I think I enjoyed it. However, it's rather expensive and, more to the point, so exotic to my taste, that I couldn't feel comfortable consuming it regularly. Mind, I come from an Irish and French-Canadian background, both sides of a hardscrabble nature. A pepper-grinder is quite suspect, and dash of mustard on the corned beef is invigorating!

In other news, a sister returns today from a brief stay in France. She promises to bring back some Caporal tobacco. A most vile concoction I admit, but it will bring back memories; looking forward to it. If you had said twenty years ago that Mac Baren would be the makers of it...pfft! C'est impossible!

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