Sunday, December 04, 2022


On the minus side, my feet feel like they've been run over by a steamroller after having been on a spiked hamster wheel, possibly with lego blocks -- I've been on my feet for three days with arthritis and circulation issues so that's not a surprise. I've heard more than enough far right speculation about Paul Pelosi and his friends with hammers (damn' but those sleazy republicans have filthy disgusting minds). And a good friend is still pissing blood every fifteen minutes because of a recent operation. I hope he recovers soon. I value him greatly.
And I'm tired of the food within spitting distance of work. Spitting is apposite.
Even with the fairies own condiment (Sriracha) it's scarcely edible.

On the positive side: a few fellow pipe smokers dropped by today. So I had a wonderful time. And I smoked several bowls. Swilled tea like bejayzus. Wired, to the tits.

And I'm off tomorrow, so I'll stumble over to Chinatown and have something good to eat.

I'm thinking dumplings.
Specifically at a place which has hot Hong Kong Milk Tea.

It looks like there will be a window of opportunity weather wise between noon and the cocktail hour. But whatever the situation, dumplings are seasonally appropriate and very comforting. If it rains, I'll just lurk under an awning with my after lunch smoke. There are a few locations near the hospital, so I might see medical staff I know catching a puff .....
Which is a possibility laden with irony.

Looking forward to this.

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