Saturday, December 03, 2022


In answer to THREE questions: A) Maga-infested backwoods? That's everything between Treasure Island and Manhattan! B) Owen firmly believes that the national vegetable of Wales is the Parsnip. Pannas! C) Cigars are still a great holiday gift for the whole familys; teething infants, young mothers giving suck, students away at college, reformatory, or a boarding school, and senescent old gray beards with heads barely sticking out above ground!
For all the vegetarians I suppose parsnips are a good alternative. High in fibre and water, useful in any weightloss program. The rest of us will happily take the stogies.

A good cigar is especially enjoyable after a burger and limp fries.
Makes the entire trip to the drive-thru worthwhile.

I'm sorry, you didn't ask those questions? I misunderstood.
It must've been that accent. It rather confused me.
You sound like you're from New Jersey.

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Alcyon said...

That's an appetising ad! I used to like the odd cigar, until they became so popular. Now they're too expensive and send the wrong message. Once in awhile I do indulge in a Villager product though; I like their Export cigar.

A friend of mine married a Dutch girl in the early 80s. She was...frugal; first person I've ever met who cut their own hair.

Her dad spent a number of his childhood years in a Japanese internment camp. He apparently never refused food put in front of him in the years after he was freed. Not even parsnips!

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