Tuesday, December 06, 2022


It rained off and on through the night. And strange things moved about, undisturbed by the humans inside their houses, or street trolls huddled under their soggy blankets and wet card board. There may have been incidents of cannibalism -- this is San Francisco, and we're all about food here -- or Republican sadism orgies such as are customary elsewhere.
We do not know; there were no sentient witnesses!

In Georgia, they are going to polls, many of them inspired by the anti-christ. There will be human sacrifices today. Marjorie Taylor Green will dance naked under the full moon.

Truth be told, I find incliment weather a bit depressing. Travel literature has described various places in Northern Europe as having more weather-related suicides than anywhere else in the world, because of rain and leaden grey skies all the time. Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Scotland, Ireland, Wales ....
Not England or Russia; they've got alcoholism instead.
And of course the Baltics (including Poland) have madness caused by polka music.

Fortunately I know how to use an umbrella, it's part of my disaster preparedness kit.
I will deploy one while doing errands. The afternoon and evening may be dry.

Hepped to the gills on coffee right now.

Might smoke later.

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Anonymous said...

Cthulhu! All hail the elder god. Better yet, don’t. A devourer of souls He is.

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