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Wednesday, August 08, 2018


During the first cup of coffee today I read about Sarah Jeong, vitamin supplements, essential amino acids, cortisone, Assad's wife's breasts, Qanon, pizza gate, and strange Christian cults (which is all of them, by the way). And it turns out that most hardcore Qanon supporters come from an originally Christian background, engage in role playing games, and fantasize about the kinky stuff.
Which explains why they obsess over child sex rings run by Democrats, Freemasons, and Alex Jones.

Qanonites are, mostly, paranoid gamers living in basements.
Unless they're married. Then it's trailers.
And The White House.

Superhero capes, kneepads, crash helmets.
Please wear them, they save lives.
Likewise tinfoil hats.

I've also been thinking a lot about tofu. Specifically, sautéed beancurd and Cantonese roast pork in a savoury sauce over rice, which will probably be dinner today, right around tea time. And that, you understand, must mean that I am wondering about which pipe to take with me to Chinatown, and what I shall smoke before I leave the house.

The best way to serve tofu is with meat. Contrasting texture and a flavour transfer benefit the substance, which essential fact is lost on Vegans and other dietary eccentrics.

Adding a good chicken or pork bone stock is often splendid.

From the Larousse: "Très employé dans la cuisine végétarienne, le tofu est assez fade et doit donc être préparé avec des épices, des herbes, des aromates ou des légumes pour relever le goût du plat." End cite.

Translation: 'much used in vegetarian "cooking", tofu is utterly bland, and must be jacked-up with spices, herbs, aromatics, and flavourful vegetables to add taste to the dish'.

Well, that's not quite true, but vegetarian cooking is rather appalling, and suffers from ideology-driven imagination, much like the fevered rambling of folks who live in basements, trailer parks, and The White House.

The reason why Trump is god to these people is that he's just like them, but he married a supermodel. That's something most of them just dream about.
Oh yeah, and the angry paranoia. It makes them wet.

Time for more coffee.

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