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Thursday, August 09, 2018


Wisely and kindly she decided not to tell me all the details. Still, what she was watching was sufficiently interesting to her that the frequent eruptions from the other side of her computer told me a story.
"Yeah, you have to get out the entire sack."
"Man, those things are gross."
"Way cool!"

She's gone from watching zit extraction videos to boils and cysts.

Which is what I came home to this evening.

Scientific curiosity.

Never stop learning. An inquisitive mind is a wonderful thing to have.
I applaud the eternal search for intellectual stimulation, as well as the acquisition of new knowledge. Yes indeed.

Realistically, though, I'm okay not knowing all the details.

"You know, it's kind of interesting when someone has an extremely large head and very tiny ears; like the head is the size of a basketball and the ears resemble dried apricots."

Sometimes I'm also fine not knowing what goes in her head.

She informs me that when you get into the philtrum area it hurts like hell. She wonders why that is. I do not wonder about these things, because my intellectual curiosity has limits.

With great interest she observes what shows up on her screen. A normal woman would be grossed out, but I could not live with a normal woman.
I rather like that my apartment mate has a hardened stomach, and a hard-headed approach to life, piping & electricity, and disgusting medical sh*t. For one thing it means that her conversation is regularly more interesting, and seldom if ever a dreary monologue about handbags or mascara.

For another thing, if I ever need an operation, I'll have an avid and wide-awake audience of one. Who will tell me all about it afterwards.
I suppose that's a good thing.
A fair witness.

I'm not planning on needing an operation, in case you wondered.

If I ever start dating again, the test will be how "girlfriend" and "apartment mate" get along. If they actually like each other that would be a good sign. Bright, curious, outside the box, and no girlie sh*t.


Her vocalizations got worse. "Damn." "Damn!" "DAAAAMN!" "Mothersnot!" "Just heat it a bit, palpitate .... whoah!" "Damn!" "Just a little TLC." "Daaamn!"

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