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Wednesday, August 01, 2018


A theory being promoted on social media holds that vaccinations are a plot by big pharma to co-opt most people into being shills for Nazi chemistry and mind control. Allegedly vaccinations kill or disable a large number of people, which is covered up by conspirators hidden high in the secret halls of power.
As proof, anti-vaxxers offer youtube videos (and links to natural healing websites), and demand that skeptics watch them and believe.

It's a modus operandi that many conspiracy nuts have; links to youtube and wild-eyed agenda pages where TRUTH will be REVEALED!

[By the way: that map that shows the spread of nuclear radiation across the entire Pacific from the Fukushima meltdown? That's actually about the extent of the Tsunami from the Tohoku quake.]

You know, years ago, before the internet, nutballs would paint their theses in caps on the sides of their hippie vans and drive slowly around town.
Plus they'd leave flyers in coffee shops and newspaper racks.
Or on a table in the fifth floor lunch room.

Then they'd have meltdowns.

The internet (Reddit, 4Chan, 8Chan, et autres) has made it easily possible to reach a vast audience of credulous people who are willing to believe almost anything negative about "the other side".

Tin Foil Hat Stevie is convince that the Clinton Foundation and Vladimir Putin intend to frack Marin County, started the Santa Rosa fire, and killed Robin Williams because he knew too much. I am not sure if his statement that Queen Elizabeth enjoys eating babies and drinking human body fluids is part of this theory, or is an entirely separate disreality.

Space Captain John is convinced that Freemasons maintain control of all governments, as well as that Israel and the Rothschilds are complicit in evil worldwide. Violent South American criminal gangs are their shocktroops, and take orders from the Republican Party.

Cigar Biker Raymond tells me that the pyramids were built by aliens fifty thousand years ago, and that everything we are today is because the Babylonians have genetically engineered modern humans.

The only reason I have occasion to encounter these three and other batshit crazies is because of work. Left to my own devices I'd run screaming into the salt marshes to get away from them, bij wijze van spreken.

I recently told an anti-vaxxer that he was an idiot.
That is the only interaction I shall have.
He lives on the East Coast.
No face to face.

It is both reassuring and seriously disturbing at the same time that there are over a quarter of a billion people living between him and myself. Statistically several million of them have problems with facts.

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