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Friday, April 17, 2015


So the question is "why are you up at five thirty?" After all, reasonable people are still deep in the arms of Morpheus at this hour.

Actually, it's already bright morning on the East Coast -- several FB friends are already up and kvelling or kvetching -- mid-afternoon in the Netherlands, just before Shabbes in Israel and another night of xenophobic riots and looting in South Africa, and early evening in Hong Kong.
In other words, the perfect time for a cup of tea.

Decided at six-thirty yesterday evening to take a nap. Had arrived home about an hour earlier, after a post-lunch smoke (pipe) in Chinatown, down on Walter U. Lum Place overlooking the square. Which followed some lomaikai and wu gok on Jackson Street, and a watch battery change on Stockton at a place where my cleverness in Cantonese was sincerely much praised. Diction, pronunciation, phrasing: chan hai hou cheng!
Yeah, sometimes I actually sound like a native.
Just don't ask me any deep questions.

Disestablishmentarianism? Existential angst? Nuclear fission?

At that point I become a wizz at changing the subject.

Actually, I'm that way even at the best of times. Non-linear thinking, flights of fantasy, and an over-stimulated mind.


Michael in New York states: "When I think white trash, I think Alabama, the Florida panhandle, and plenty of rural America. To me, Ohio is boring vanilla white milquetoast America. Though supposedly Cincinnati does have good chili.
As for Cleveland, I believe it was 30 Rock that once joked that their slogan should he "At least we're not Detroit!" "

See, this is what happens when you sleep for ten hours straight. You end up in discussions about which state is the absolute worst.

I said it was Ohio.

The crack of dawn is the worst state.

In less than four hours I shall be in Marin County.

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  • At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Dorothy said…

    Turns out it's Kansas.

    Hands down.


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