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Monday, June 23, 2014


Sofar the gibbering heads are still urging us to go fight ISIS in Irak, conveniently forgetting that it was their war there that directly and indirectly drove our nation to the brink of bankruptcy, cost untold thousands of lives, and completely destroyed the country.

Perhaps they believe that Obama will do a better job than Bush?

Yes, that must be it.

Anybody, including my loopy cousin Gertrude, could do a better job. Admittedly, Dick Cheney would not benefit enormously from it, but that's a sacrifice we should all be willing to make.

Here's some appropriate music:



Here's another rendition, with singing:



The song is about fatalities during training for combat against the Russians over a century ago. Troops were sent into the snow-clad Hakkoda Mountains (八甲田山) in 1902. Of the two hundred and ten men that left Aomori (青森市), one hundred and ninety nine froze to death during a blizzard en-route.

Romanized transcription:

Yuki no singun kori ko funde,
Dore ga kawa yarami chisae shirezu,
Uma wa tareru sutete mo okezu,
Kokowa izukozo mina teki no kuni;
Mama yo daitan ippuku yareba,
Tanomi sukuna ya tabako ga nihon.

Yakanu himononi han ni e meshi ni,
Namaji inochi no arutano uchi wa,
Korae kirenai samu-sa no takibi,
Kemure e hazuda yo namaki ga iburu;
Shibui kahoshite koumyou banashi,
Sui toyu-u no wa umeboshi hitotsu.

Kinomi-kinomama kiraku na fushido,
Hainou makura ni gaitou kaburiya,
Sena no nukumi de yukitoke kakaru,
Yagu no ki bigara shippori nurete;
Musubi kanetaru roei no yume wo,
Tsuki wa tsumetaku kaho nozoki komu.

Inochi sasagete dete kita miyuwe,
Shinuru kakugo de tokkan suredo,
Bu-un tsutana ku uchijini seneba,
Giri ni karameta juppei mawata;
Sorori sororito ku bishime kakaru,
Douse ikite wa karera nu tsumori.

Go ahead; sing along.

Yes, I think bringing up someone else's lives lost in discussing American imperial ambitions, braggadocio, and stupity, is extremely appropriate. The lyrics suggest uncaring authority, incompetent leadership, and resigned bitterness. It is, in many ways, one hundred percent fitting for a discussion of our involvement with Irak, and the draft-dodging robber barons who took us into that monumental mess.
Plus it's a rousing song.
We need that.

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