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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Over a month ago a Facebook friend posted a picture of an election billboard in South Africa. Which conclusively establishes that no matter what those folks think of Jews -- taking into account Bishop Tutu's ignorant and damned well venomous crusade on behalf of an unkosher people whose singular achievement in the nearly six decades of their existence seems to be the invention of airplane hi-jacking, and by no means overlooking the rabid neo-Stalinist anti-Semitism of the South-African trade unions -- the nation of South-Africa and it's dominant majority are sincerely welcoming of all cultural elements, and the participation of all ethnicities in the public discourse.

Especially cultural elements and ethnicities which are 'advantageous'.

Very large and important cultural elements and ethnicities.

Newly ascendant; significant trading partners.

携手并进, 共创繁荣, 參政促选, 投票非国大党。

'kwai sou bing jeun, gong chon faan wing, chaam jing chuk suen, tau piu fei kwok daai tong.'

"Hand in hand advance together, create increasing prosperity, participate politically, (and ) cast your vote for the African national great party."

The ANC is nothing if not profligately opportunistic.

I would caution the Chinese to be somewhat hesitant about trusting the ANC, however. Certain strata within that party are far too close to supporters of separatists in places like Turkestan to ever be acceptable. Plus if it can be said that the whites, when they were in power, showed signs of racism, it cannot be denied that now that the various Bantu groups have the upper hand, a separate but equivalent sensibility is growing.
A version that is just as exclusive as what had been there before.
But has a much angrier base of support.

Note: The slogan above is in simplified characters. The correct way to write it is: 攜手並進, 共創繁榮, 參政促選, 投票非國大黨。

Plaasmoorde in South Africa bear a remarkable resemblance to what the Indonesians and Vietnamese did to their Chinese citizens. Boer-farmers are a limited resource, and there is little reason to believe that the targets will always only be members of one ethnicity.

Just ask the people who have already left.

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