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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Now that Christmas is over, you've woken up to the fact that, musically at least, the entire last month and a half has been indescribably ghastly.
Fact is, if any hamsters (or gerbils) sang anywhere near you right now, you'd probably kill them.
Stuff their little cadavers into the garbage disposal pronto.
Not even reserve them for the compost heap.

Daemonic hamsters (and gerbils) are just one of those things that makes the commercialization of the holiday season such an abomination.

But it's over now, you can return to sanity.

And, coincidentally, I have the music that makes it possible.



Didn't that sound so much nicer?
And more real, too.

Here it is, almost exactly two years later, and I still do not know why she is carrying a stuffed pig. Or is that a fat bunny rabbit?

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