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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Do you have enough SPAM and inflatable devices to tide you over?
This is very important, as there are only TWO days left.
To stock up. Also buy plywood and duct tape.
These make great gifts, btw.
If zip happens.

Please buy all your survival necessities now, taking advantage of the super sales at various retailers. Now! Now! Now! Just in case you're one of the soft-in-the-cranium individuals who believe that the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar means the end of the world, and do not live close enough to Denver Airport to invade the vast shelters for the elites which have been built underneath.

Yeah yeah, when Christ comes back riding the flaming tail of a comet this Friday, destroying the world in a cataclysm so vast that even space aliens will take note, you'll be able to gloat at my cynicism and unbelief. "Hah", you will say to yourself as you lock the heavy portal to your survival cave deep in the Berkeley Hills, "that stupid blogger didn't know jack!".
And you'll marvel at the giant whale-like beings from beyond Pluto, where the old gods slumber, who will opportunistically wipe out whole villages with their photon flippers or something.
They are angry at what we did to their ambassadors.

Seriously, anyone who actually believes that the world will end in two days is ripe for the picking. Stark-raving bonkers.
I wish I knew someone like that, for taunting purposes.

Obviously I don't hang out in the hinterland much.
Or anywhere near Denver.

PS. More on stupid Christians HERE.

Gratuitous link: Fritters.

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