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Sunday, December 09, 2012


Through the kind agency of a friend, I have been able to smoke some of Greg Pease's latest mixture. Which has, as of this writing, not been released yet. Greg's own website does not indicate when we will see it on the shelves.

Navigator: Red Virginias and orange and yellow leaf, with a bit of beautiful dark-fired tobacco,
then softened with a little dark rum.
[Descriptive data lifted from this site: ]

This one will not knock your socks off. Instead, it will grow on you. The first bowl was okay -- and I must mention I had smoked several bowls of other stuff that evening, so I could just as well have put some smoldering rubber in my pipe for all the tastebuds that were still alert that I had left -- but the second bowl a day later was extremely satisfying, and the third bowl yesterday after dinner induced reverie, as well as a great greedy sadness.
I had only enough for three bowls, you see.
It's gone now, and I want more.

My fellow pipe-mavens know that I own enough pipe tobacco to survive the coming zombie apocalypse. Many different blends and brands. So I should, really, be able to satisfy all my cravings without needing to acquire a stash of yet one more smoking mixture.
Logically speaking there is no need.

That, of course, makes no difference whatsoever.
I anxiously await the availability of Navigator.

Fullish, yet ethereal. A pensive tobacco, with gentleness, and a haunting fragrance on the nose. Navigator is a blend for mature men.


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