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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Confession: I have never smoked Revelation, which Albert Einstein enjoyed when it was still made by Philip Morris, nor the version later produced by House of Windsor. The closest I've come are some of the Burley blends made by Drucquer & Sons in Berkeley -- not available since that estimable enterprise was run into the ground by many bad decisions nearly two decades ago -- as well as some mighty weird crap from Sutliff. Consequently, I have nothing to compare Bob Runowski's recreation of that disappeared product to. I'll just have to assume that Epiphany is as close to Revelation is can be got.

Oh, and I've tried some Iwan Ries stuff. Which was educational.

But I really like Bob Runowski's oeuvre, so I gave it a shot.

This may not become a regular part of my rotation.

Blended by Bob Runowski
Packed by Cornell & Diehl

Burley, Virginia, Latakia, Perique.

Essentially this is an American tobacco with an English attitude. It has that characteristic roundness one expects of a dolled-up Burley blend, and the Latakia is restrained rather than obnoxious. And it is easy to get to like. But it does not knock my socks off. The Perique is a nice touch.
Complex, woody, generous.

I've heard that there is a light fruit scent added; not really noticeable, but I distrust such things, and that may be shading my opinion. Many old fashioned American mixtures were like that, and anything with Burley may benefit from the treatment. Air-cured leaf often leaves me strangely dis-satisfied, though, and toppings seldom ring my bell.

Epiphany is a very good product, but I have to be in the mood for it. Sometimes it just isn't the right time of day. I hasten to add that I am not at all like Albert Einstein, and have a perverse fondness for Turkish tobacco, which many regular American blends lacked entirely.

It does make me wish that I had smoked both the Phillip Morris and House of Windsor versions, though. Having that nose-memory would have made Epiphany a veritable adventure.
Perhaps I need to smoke more of it.

Add it to the reference library.


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