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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Palestinians are pressuring Secretary Rice to guarantee that Israel give up the Temple Mount, and they're making this a pre-condition for showing up at the Annapolis conference, insisting that the Temple Mount be returned to the Muslims.
They also have several other intemperate demands that must be satisfied or they will not come.

Condoleeza Rice has in steadfast reaction thereto acquiesced without the slightest resistance.

She demands that Israel accept the Palestinian preconditions, and insists that large areas of Jerusalem must be part of a future Palestinian state. It has also been reported that she would publicly blame Israel for the failure of the summit if Israel didn't agree to relinquish those parts of Jerusalem.

Perhaps she does not realize what these demands will ensure?

Faced with the choice of either retaining all of Jerusalem, OR giving up the most central Jewish place on the planet, the only possible option is utter refusal. There is no way the Jewish people (I'm not talking of Kadima or JVP here, their Jewishness is debatable at best) will accept such a condition. They cannot accept. It would be tantamount to forced conversion. It would be a self-loathing rejection of everything that is Jewish, every part of their identity, their heritage, and all their kin both present and past.

If that is the price of peace, peace is not worth having.

No Israeli politician will live long after giving up the Temple Mount. His gang will cease to exist, his collaborators will be erased and expunged, and his name will join that of Haman and Hitler.

If the demand is relinquishing the Arab parts of Jerusalem, the only logical and rational response is to make sure that there are NO Arab parts of Jerusalem.
Does Ms. Rice REALLY wish to see the Serbian option put into play?
Does she really hate the Arabs so fiercely that she would want them cleansed from the land?
Is she such a fanatic end-of-times Christian that she would by this insanity attempt to unleash the apocalypse?
Or is she a bigot and moron of such magnitude that she hates both Jews and Arabs to the point of madness?

These are not hard questions. Because they are largely irrelevant.

No one cares about the state of her head at this juncture - she has written herself out of any significant role other than that of infectious agent. Even whether she is a panderess for the Arabs or a patsy of the Europeans is immaterial.

Condoleeza Rice may go down in history as the person who unleashed slaughter in the streets of the Holy City and caused an Israeli civil war.

If the Arabs think that they will come out the winner in this they are insane. If Jew fights Jew and Israelis are forced to kill each other, Arab lives will count as nothing. Less than nothing. Any Arab who does not get out of the way will be a speedbump on the road to the Temple Mount.
Ehud Olmert might well be the first Arab speedbump of that struggle.

They say that power corrupts. But it also causes madness. Clearly our leaders have lost their marbles. They've been sucking too long at the tit of hubris.


  • At 3:22 PM, Blogger Am Kshe Oref - A Stiff-Necked People said…

    It seems every president, at the end of his presidency, feels it imperative to achieve peace in the Middle East, regardless of the price. And Bush, especially Bush, really NEEDS this in order to NOT go down as the absolute WORST president this country has ever had. Clinton tried to shove "peace" down Israel's throat as well, and we all know what the result was.

    Wouldn't it be great if a president ended his tenure in the Oval Office having achieved something great, like actually fixing the healthcare system in the US, or fixing Social Security, or putting an unbreakable leash on Big Business? Instead, unfortunately, they feel it's their moral duty to "bring peach to the Middle East," knowing full damn well it'll never happen.

    Everytime the west tries to interfere, they just cause more problems. We all wish they'd just leave it alone.

  • At 1:13 AM, Blogger Lemuel said…

    Blogmaster, I have nothing to add. I fully agree with you. If politicians want to give up the Temple Mountain (mind the name!) we should not listen to them, but to the religious leaders. We'll surely have a civil war, and it will be worth it. Many will see their death as kiddush HaSyem.
    Can you imagine not being able to pray at the Kotel, as during Jordan rule?

  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Right on.

  • At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Who is Conduleeza Rice?


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