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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Two events coming up in the immediate future, and a third in another month:

Saturday October 27th:
Counter-demonstration against International ANSWER's rally.

We'll be meeting at Civic Center with signs and flags. We expect at least two hours of angry speeches from the enemy, and if previous ANSWER demonstrations are anything to go by, hate and insults from all the usual suspects. Be alert and keep your guard up.

This is San Francisco, so some of the police may be on the wrong side, as will some of the reporters covering the event. Do not expect fair coverage or objective reportage - the press standardly reports that "two opposing sides faced each other and that the crowd seemed mostly peaceful". Above all, keep your eyes open.

Please be aware that many of the participants of this 'anti-war rally' will be anarchists, ultra-left sympathizers, revolutionaries, frustrados, delinquents, and opportunists. As well as angry pro-Palestinian activists.

As usual Int'l ANSWER will be using the cover of the anti-war movement to propagate their Marxist-Leninist agenda.
Int'l ANSWER's Western Regional Director, Richard Becker, is a notorious Jew-baiting far-left activist, whose love affair with repressive dictatorships is well known - in the mid and late nineties he traveled to Baghdad, his writings pandering to the Sudanese government are virtually obscene love letters, and his adoration of an elderly Cuban tyrant verges on obsessive. At a previous Int'l ANSWER rally he demanded bloody revolution against the United States, and fulsomely praised terrorists. He grows moist at the thought of violence.

It should be noted that International ANSWER is little more than a front for the Workers World Party, which in the past wholeheartedly supported the excesses of the cultural revolution in China and the Russian crushing of the Hungarian revolt. Despite flirting with Trotskyist ideology, the Workers World Party has remained a firm supporter of the Soviet Union and the tenets of Stalinism, even after the collapse of the empire. The party, through its front the International Action Center, founded ANSWER in the autumn of 2001. International ANSWER has since then voiced support for a multitude of repressive regimes and violent radical movements.

Tuesday October 30th:
Solidarity vigil for the three kidnapped soldiers.
Details to be communicated later.

Monday December 17th:
Counter-demonstrations against anti-AIPAC protests.

Stop AIPAC is planning to protest at two possible venues, namely San Francisco (Hilton) at noon, and in Oakland at the Marriot City Center starting at six pm.
The first venue is a 'maybe', the second is definite. The protest in Oakland in the evening is likely to be large and threatening; Stop AIPAC is trying to drum up as much support from the fringes as they can, vowing to make it "unforgettable".

Last year's anti-AIPAC protest in Oakland was marked by anti-Semitic sloganeering, threatening behaviour, close contact, and insults. We can expect more of the same, especially as the anti-AIPAC crowd operate with the approval of groups such as JVP, which means that they can pull the usual "we're not anti-Semitic" shtick. This is despite the evident anti-Semitic content of their signs, and Jew-hating tendencies of their participants.


Note: As always, and for these three dates in particular, please remember that if you are punched or hit, there will be NO witnesses - the anti-Israel side will claim that nothing happened and nobody saw anything. They have done so in the past, and they are experts at denial. Unless it was video-taped, IT DID NOT HAPPEN!

Be carefull afterwards, and try not to leave alone.


  • At 2:09 PM, Anonymous graham said…

    I express my admiration & support (sadly passive) for the blogmeester and all others who stand by - and raise their voices on behalf of the kidnapped soldiers

    Northern Germany


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