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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


One of the things that typifies modern society is how people look at the homeless. Or, more particularly, not look at them. Upon seeing someone begging for change, most people let their vision go out of focus, so that as they walk briskly past, they will not make any eye-contact.

They actually can see that person - and that person knows that they can see them.
It's just a pretense. Not a very good one either.

What does it do to someone who is down and out to know that they have become invisible?

Some people no doubt feel that as they already give to charity, it is not (as) necessary to give to the individual. Surely there are organizations and bureaucracies that deal with the poor, homeless, and hungry, why must they stand on that street corner? Why should anyone 'see' them?

A few people think that there are numerous 'bums' out there scamming the system, and "getting rich off of my tax money dammit!"

The 'bums' getting rich off of your tax money are political donors to the more reprehensible right-wing candidates, dear reader. They may even be your employers or clients.
They are not the indigents on the route to the BART station.

If you can afford an extra large fries with your lunch, or drinks at your neighborhood bar, you can afford to give a buck to a man without legs.

Someone who says that they're starving? That person likely is starving. Hungry at least.
Probably gonna spend that buck on beer or drugs? Ummmmm, a large percentage of the folks walking by also spend money on beer and drugs...... I'm not entirely sure how temporarily alleviating one's misery is actually a bad judgment call. But you're right, diet pills and membership in a health club are far better.
And just as affordable! For! Someone! Who! Just! Got! A! buck!

Really, why are you so passionate about how that buck is spent?

What I'm trying to say is that a little bit of generosity is not really that bad for the pocketbook - at probably not even five bucks a day it costs less than a cocktail during 'happy hour' - but extraordinarily good for the soul. Just have one drink less, or buy your own bottle and drink in the dark.
You'll feel better about yourself.
And someone else, no matter how temporarily, will also feel better about you.
Even without the liquor.

Make the world a better place than it is, and become a better person than you are.
That's all that is required, and it really isn't that much.

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