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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


"It is not nice to poke fun of people who are much more inteligents and respectable than yourself, and you should retract this post. "
---Shlomo, on 12/21/05


Some of my readers have left notes which deserve a better airing, even though they don't really add up to much. Sincere points of view, differing from my own only in certain details. Comments which I truly value, in fact.

I'm reprinting some of them below.



"De grootst mogelijke onzin. Hoe krijg je het bij elkaar geschreven.
Het is maar goed dat niemand leest wat je schrijft. "
[The greatest possible nonsense. Just how do you write such stuff. It is a good thing that nobody reads what you write. ]
---Anonymous 01/31/06

"Ach man val toch kapot! Waar bemoei jij je eigenlijk mee? Je woont toch duidelijk niet in nederland en heb dus niet met nederlandse zaken te maken? "
[Oh man drop dead! What are you meddling with? You clearly don't even live in the Netherlands, and thus have naught to do with Dutch affairs? ]
---Anonymous 01/23/06

"Langzaam, langzaam, verovert Dov Bear the back of the hill."[Slowly, slowly, Dov Bear conquers the back of the hill. ]
---Anonymous 11/16/05



"I am positive of His existence. You're website is an err in your judgment, and I believe your opinion is blasphemous and you're being used and controlled by evil.
Christians were trying to bring peace and hope into this world, but when you die, you'll find soul is stuck in eternity, without God.
I know that you will be held accountable for leading other away from Christ on judgement day. I can't image how upset God Himself must be about this.
He will be the Righteous Judge to those who do not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives, it would have been better for you to have never been born because they will spend time and eternity absent from the presence of such a loving God.

---Anonymous 12/21/05

"Back of the hill is an absolute heretic and nobody should read his writings.
Anybody that reads this will be reading apikorsish garbage.

---Anonymous 01/17/06

"Its precisely becoaue of people like you that we need to fight the secularixation of Christmas!it sabout Jezus, you perverts! Finf Jezus and you will be saved, or aotherwise burn in HELL! "
---Anonymous 12/07/05

"And another thing, youore probably jewish arent you? "
---Anonymous 12/07/05



"Greeting - As I was cruising through the internet, I came across your Christian Blog. You have a very well put together Blog here. I have a website that also has information about descendants of Ishmael...
and you might want to check it out as well.
Many Blessings,
descendants of Ishmael"

---Dennis Day 01/23/06


All of these comments are reproduced with the best and most proper of intentions, in the spirit of WWRSRHD - 'What would Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch do?'

[Not that it has any bearing at all on anything, but it's part of my war on 'WWJD']



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