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Friday, January 22, 2010


People who inhabit sales and marketing departments are almost by definition defective. This is NOT a generalization, there are NO exceptions.
And no, I have absolutely no intention of arguing with you about it.
If you think I'm wrong, you are obviously in denial, and I shall worry about your sanity.
In addition to your several career-related personality flaws.

Instead, I wish to dwell on the perfection of people who are naturally drawn towards such stimulating fields as accounting or engineering, and how much we have to suffer because of all you detail-disoriented people. Your neediness around tax-time doesn't make up for it. We are in agony.
If you lot actually paid attention, you would know this.

We are the ones who consider the consequences. We see the flaws in your arguments. We can predict the ill-effects of your brash optimism and the stupid ideas that you moot at meetings.

And, speaking of meetings, why do you people always call so many of them? Nothing worthwhile gets said .... often at very great length. By sales and marketing types.
Listening to optimistic tweetering is NOT productive. Data and information are best exchanged one-on-one, or via well-written prose.
Positive noise from some anally non-retentive junior-executive can not equal a quietly productive hour of crunching numbers or figuring out what small moveable parts might be swallowed by your ADD children.

And for crapsakes, get off the damned speakerphone!



No doubt you have realized by now that this blogger is not in sales and marketing.

I am either in accounting or engineering, my significant other is ALSO in accounting or engineering, and many of our bloodkin are in those fields too. Not only that, but so are several of our friends. Those that aren't, should be. They will be ever so much happier dealing with our own kind.

If you, my dear readers, are unhappy at your jobs, it is probably because of the people in sales and marketing. If you are in sales and marketing yourselves, however, you are incapable of being unhappy - you have no head for details.

Feel free to demonstrate your defects in a comment on this post.


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    Thanks Jonathan, I really enjoyed that clip.


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