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Thursday, March 15, 2007



When: Sunday March 18, 2007
Where: Justin Herman Plaza (Embarcadero at Market Street)

Sunday March 18th International ANSWER will gather at Justin Herman Plaza at 11:30, then march down Market Street to Civic Center for speeches till 1:00 PM.

International ANSWER says that this is an anti-war march. But there will be anti-Israel statements and signs, and as usual they will accuse Israel and Jews of causing the war. They call Israel 'occupied Palestine', and consider the existence of Israel a crime against humanity. They demand an end to international support for Israel.

Last year International ANSWER organized a huge anti-Israel demonstration in Washington D.C. and held anti-Israel protests in cities all across the US, including San Francisco.

In their so-called anti-war demonstrations they have attacked Israel and promoted hate.
Anti-Semites and Israel-haters have always marched with International ANSWER, no matter what the cause.

It is essential to speak out against them - International ANSWER and similar groups are poisoning the discourse in the media and on college campuses - now is the time to let your voice be heard for Israel.

Protest against hatred of Israel and Jews.
Show the Bay Area that International ANSWER's hatred of Israel and Jews is not acceptable.
Join us 11;30 AM on Sunday 03/18/07 at Justin Herman Plaza.

Chazak, chazak, ve nitchazak.

San Francisco Voice for Israel
Please contact us if you want to be involved in other pro-Israel actions. We would love to hear from you!
Join our discussion list by sending an e-mail to:


This time we will be in the same place where the sonei-yisroel stood on July 23rd, 2006.

Perhaps you remember that day?
That's when they were behind a barricade, trying to drown out the speeches from our side - a pathetic attempt, as we had a soundsystem for our rally. That's when Shawkat's friend, the shave-headed goober, did an entire act with screamed invective in Arabic, punctuated by Nazi salutes. That's when many of them yelled so much and so loudly that they developed hoarseness and the shivers.

It would be worthwhile to bring throat-lozenges. And bottled water. Cool, bottled, water.

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  • At 12:30 PM, Anonymous Tia said…

    I'm bringing bottled water for the group. And lovely little chocolate bars from Israel. And assorted other Israeli snacks. And the usual "goodies".
    I'm also bringing strands of origami Japanese cranes folded out of old ANSWER propaganda.
    Reduce Reuse Recycle. I'm a good Progressive.


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